We offer cutting-edge IT solutions and consulting services to shape your business outcome.

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Who we are:

We are a leading Information Technology and Services company based in Canada with offices in both India and North America. We offer cutting-edge IT solutions and consulting services to shape your business outcome.

Thinking of moving your business to Cloud!

Older technologies cost more | Skills and resource gaps | Thorough Strategy and Business Objectives | Time, Cost and Security

The above factors are stopping you from moving to Cloud Services. Cloud Groove team will help you in the right way possible to shape your business outcome.

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What We Offer

We offer the following key services to simplify and reshape your business

Managed Infrastructure

Managed Cloud

Server Virtualization

IT Strategy

Planning and Roadmaps

Strategey and Consulting

We will help you put your best foot forward in your IT Roadmap journey because if you do not know where you are going, you will end up no where. Our team of professionals can help you lay out the roadmap for your IT transformation. Our assessments and roadmaps provide a holistic view of your existing IT capabilities and provide the direction you need to take to get closer to your transformational goals and operate with a high efficiency.

Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure helps organizations to quickly achieve the game-changing capabilities and performance needed, but every journey to the cloud is as unique as the organization making it. Organizations need expert guidance and road map to steer the right course and our team of professionals can assist with the transition to cloud. Be it Cloud Adoption and Cloud Migration, we are there to help in your journey.Did you know that 90% of enterprises in some form have adopted cloud?

Cloud is an Enabler of advanced digital technologies which leads to new business models and improved work force

Hiring a Cloud Managed Services team for your transformation helps mitigate the risks involved when migrating the workloads to Cloud. A Managed Services team will strategically map out your journey to Cloud while Cutting down your OpEX and CapEX

Leverage the opportunity to shift to the cloud. This increases your chances of survival and thrive in this digital era.

Why Managed Cloud Services Team for your digital Transformation?

Proven Migration Strategy

Re-architect for Speed, Agility & Security

Maximizes value & ROI

Optimizes Performance

Improves Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Capability



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